The images in Surreal Fashion are shot with full production teams usually involving a stylist drawing from a bank of designers and labels, with hair and make-up crew, styling assistants and photography assistants. The images are most all shot on location in houses, stately homes and special venues across UK, Europe and US. 

Increasingly we are also creating and commissioning our own dress designs.

Designers, wardrobe houses and labels whose outfits are featured in the series include:

Leonid Gurevich
Kirsty Mitchell
Natacha Marro
Uta Bekaia
Malgorzata Dudek
Von Vonni
Daniel Feld
Queen of the Wild
National Theatre
Ralph Pink
Wendy Benstead
Rachel Sigmon / Posh Fairytale Couture
And self-created / commissioned by Miss Aniela.

Most of the images are produced on Miss Aniela's Fashion Shoot Experience event which invites other photographers to join her on these productions. See
ABOVE: Storyboard sketch for 'Swan Lake'. The image was shot in Seattle, aired live for 'Commercial Fashion Photography' on creativeLIVE. The dress was made and styled by Leonid Gurevich.

ABOVE: Baroque corset commissioned for shoot at Chateau Challain, in final image 'Dawn Treader'. 
Blog post about this shoot.

ABOVE: Sketch and dress by Leonid Gurevich. Dress featured in 'Scarlet Song'. 
Blog post about this shoot.

ABOVE: Ragged Cinderella dress created by Miss Aniela for shoot at Chateau Challain, which went into the final piece 'Poster & Plumage'. 
Blog post about this shoot.

ABOVE: Dress created by Kirsty Mitchell Photography featuring in Elegant Elegy. 
See more in the blog post  A Creepy Fairytale with Broncolor.

ABOVE: Moodboard and BTS shots for creation of 'Pokerface'. The costume was mainly sourced through theatre costume departments with shoes by Natacha Marro.